The Challenges

The 5R55S/W is a Longitudal transmission. The 5R55S/W is a 5 speed automatic transmission, 4th gear is 1 to 1, it may deliver more torque but it is still only 1 gear overdrive. The final gear ratio is .75/1 in the W and .71/1 in the S, this is what separates the two units. The 5R55x utilizes three bands and two sets of planetaries to extrude the 5 forward gear ratios, not counting lock-up. The transmission is controlled by a solenoid pack in cooperation with the valve body.

  • 115-1100Includes: Performance Overhaul with High Energy Frictions & Bands, HD Forward Ring Gear Snap Ring, Sleeved Case for Intermediate & Overdrive Servos, MP Calibrated VB & Pump (Increases Clutch Holding Power Capacity, Cooler Flow, and Shift Firmness), 300M Billet Input Shaft, New Updated Solenoid Block, New Speed Sensors, New Intermediate/Overdrive/and Reverse Bonded Pistons, and Stock Pan. Rated @ 550 HP/TQ
  • 115-70005R55S/W Deep Aluminum Pan
    115-9000Billet Oversized Intermediate Servo
    115-9001Billet Oversized Overdrive Servo

Project Information

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