The Challenges

We take each TH-400 and make numerous improvements that have been well thought out and made for optimal performance in mind with these transmissions. The pumps have all been rebuilt to MP specs. We tossed out the factory friction plates and replaced them with our high performance friction plates. Not only will this improve performance, but the clutches will last longer due to reduced slippage. We also replaced the intermediate roller clutches, new thrust bearings and races. New thrust bearings and races reduce the possibility of lateral movement of components resulting in less failure and better reliability. And the list of mods goes on and on. Take a look at our custom build options below.

  • 112-1100Includes: Performance Overhaul with Borg Warner Frictions & Bands, 5 Clutch High Gear Direct Drum, New Intermediate Roller Clutch, New Low Roller Clutch, MP Calibrated VB & Pump (Increases Clutch Holding Power Capacity), HD Intermediate Clutch Snap Ring, New Bushings, New Washers & Bearings, Rollerized Output Shaft, and Deep Chrome Pan. Rated @ 550 HP/TQ
  • 112-1200Includes: All upgrades of Stage 1 plus upgraded 34 Element Intermediate Sprag Assembly, HD 4L80E Steel Forward Hub, and Wide High Energy Intermediate Band. Rated @ 700 HP/TQ
  • 112-1300Includes: All upgrades of Stage 1 & 2 plus 300M Billet Steel Input Shaft, 4340 Steel Forward Hub with Bearing, and 3rd Gear Cutback Delete. Rated @ 900 HP/TQ (N2O Kits OK)
  • 112-7000TH-400 Deep Aluminum Pan
    112-8000Forward Pattern Manual Valve Body (PRND21)
    112-8001Reverse Pattern Manual Valve Body (PRN123)
    112-8002Trans Brake Valve Body (PRN123)
    112-90002.75 1st Gear set (800 HP Max)
    112-90012.10 1st Gear Set (1,000 HP Max)
    112-9002300M Main Shaft (Can be Added to our Stage 3 for Combos Making 1,000 HP/TQ)
    112-900336 Element Pro Mod Super Direct Drum (Can be Added to our Stage 3 for Combos Making 1,000+ HP/TQ)

Project Information

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